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Over-promising and under delivering pt. 2

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Hey everyone! I am back, feeling better than before. I left off on day 19 with over-promising and under delivering, and I would like to apologise about that.

For those who may be wondering what happened, I fell ill and after recovering I had some technical difficulties. However, this is just the reason behind it. It isn’t an excuse to take the blame off myself and I am really sorry about it.

I would say I have failed the 30 day blog challenge, but I will still be writing articles at least once a week.

It turns into habit

The thing about over-promising is, if we keep over-promising others, it soon becomes a habit. Which we might not even realise. And to others we will be unreliable in their eyes, no matter how much value we may be able to offer them. It will be of no use as we have been labelled as “unreliable” or “irresponsible”.

I’ll give you an example from my own experiences. I have worked for a boss who would over-promise clients, and of course due to my boss over-promising we were not able to deliver what was promised to them. And this has happened countless of times it has turned into a habit of my boss, without my boss realising it. It affects me, as I would personally feel that I have under-delivered even though I wasn’t the one who promised them the services. So to you guys who are running a business with people working under you, please do take note of this.

Know our limitations

We need to understand and recognise our limitations. By knowing where we are weak at, we can ask for help from others in those areas. That way we are still able to promise and deliver it. And if we can’t do something, just say we can’t.

Before we carry on, I would like you to know the perspective I am coming from. I am coming from a business perspective or a “leadership role” of sort. I understand there are successful businessmen who say accept the job and learn along the way. However, that saying doesn’t work all the time.

If you do not know how something is done and you try to learn and make it right but fail, it could make the whole situation worse. For example, if I were to tell you that I needed to get an engine overhauled in 2 days. Are you really going to take it up and learn along the way if you didn’t understand it. You would only have 2 days to learn and get the job done. And if some how you screwed up any part of it, it could cause a much longer delay.

So what I am trying to say is, really learn more about yourself. Understand and own both, your strengths and weaknesses. There is actually strength in “embracing” your weaknesses.

For now, I am still having some technical difficulties so I am just blogging through my phone. I hope it gets better soon, so I can create better articles for all of you.

Thank you once again for your support and for joining me today. See you all again soon.


Gideon Oi

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