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Does failing to plan mean planning to fail

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Hi everyone, sorry for the late post again today. It is a really busy period for me at the moment, as I am trying to complete multiple project at work before their deadlines. So today I am just going to share my views on the topic. I haven’t done research about it yet, so I will probably do another article about it with proper research done. So for today, it is purely just my perspective on it.

Failing to plan = Planning to fail?

I have heard many times when people say, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!”. And I do¬† agree with it. Yes, I understand that sometimes we just have to get into something and work things out along the way. However, if we have a rough plan on what we are trying to do, that is still a plan which we could use as a reference of sort. It is important that we know what we are going into, and try to preempt what are the possible situations that we may encounter, so that we may be prepared for it. Of course we can’t possibly be prepared for ALL scenarios, but we could still lessen the potential loss or damage if it happened.

My failure to plan which became negative results

I would like to share an example of myself which I failed because I failed to plan. When I just started going into e-commerce, I wanted to start an apparel brand of my own. I had a very very basic plan, and it was just “get designs > print apparel > sell online”. That would be considered a plan wouldn’t it. The thing was, I never planned how I was going to make my brand known, or how I was to do customer acquisition. To me I expected it to be so simple that somehow customers would just be able to find my “unknown” website and start buying from it. And I spent money to learn this lesson. I had to pay for the domain name, the site hosting, and also I paid to get designers to do up the designs for printing. After I realised that it wasn’t so simple, I decided that I would stop it for now.

I am currently going through the whole planning stage of my apparel brand at the moment, and I am hoping to get it back up again in the middle of next year (2020).

The positive side about failures

Although failing to plan resulted in a failure for me, I feel that it gave me an insight on what I have to plan for. As before this happened, I didn’t know what I had to be prepared and planned for. To me, that is the silver lining in failures. Most of my advises to friends do not happen because “Oh I am so good, listen to me!”, but rather my advises come because I have failed many times in many things. From these failures I learn a lot from them, and through my failures I try to value add to others. So they wouldn’t have to go through what I went through, but at the end of the day I would still say it is just a personal opinion of mine. Cause the methods that didn’t work for myself, might actually work out for you.

So don’t see failure as a bad thing, we learn through failures. What is important is that we pick ourselves up again after each failure and never give up. We tweak the part where we feel might have gone wrong and polish up on ourselves. Each time we try, we increase our chances of success.


Thank you for joining me again today, I know it is a really short one. My eyes have been shutting itself many times already, and I can really feel the fatigue. However, I will keep my promise and be consistent with the blog challenge. See you all again tomorrow!

Gideon Oi

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