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Hello everyone and welcome back to day 16! Today I would like write a bit on growing our network.

I personally am sort of an introvert, but I like making friend just so that I can grow my network. A few years before, I didn’t understand how networking could really benefit myself other than being able to say, “I got a lot of friends”. Cause I never really believed in having many friends, I just like having a small group of friends. However, over time I realised that I actually knew quite a number of people from all “levels” in life. From those who may be struggling to find a job to those who are really successful businessmen. After that realisation, I started to understand the value that I could add to others, just by linking people up from within my own network. I do not monetise the opportunity though, as to me just being able to link up connections within my network raises my value towards others already. I see myself as sort of a resource to my connections/friends.

Utilise your network

Recently, I started to really utilise the network that I have. I know someone who is has the “demand” and another who has the “supply”, and I would try to link them up. Whether or not the connections work out, to me I have done my part.

Many of us actually have a very huge and valuable network that we have never tapped on. If we stop and think for awhile the people who you know now or knew before, you will realise that your network has lot of value in it. For those who after thinking about your network don’t feel like there is much value in your network, then I would suggest meeting more people as it may open more doors for yourself in the future.

By using your network, you could add value to yourself or help add value to those around you. Your network is already there for you, make use of it. No point in having lots of “friends”, if somehow you can’t benefit from it. And it isn’t selfish as you too could benefit your friend from the skills, knowledge, or resources that you can provide them with.

Growing your network

There are many ways to grow your network, the simplest one I would say is just chatting with friends of friends. There is also a whole lot of social media platforms which you may utilise to grow your network.

The most common one I guess would be facebook. In facebook itself there are many options for you to use to grow your network, from searching for people within the same town, to people who may have the same interests as yourself. Another way in also through all the different communities and groups available on the platform itself.

For those who are more “professional”, there is LinkedIn. LinkedIn has grown so much than what it was from its earlier days, the networks that you can grow on LinkedIn and the opportunities to link up with people you may not know yet is abundant. For LinkedIn, I haven’t really gone into it very much. But that is an angle I would like to explore in the near future.

There is also twitter which is another platform with a huge user base. I however, do not use twitter so I will not be able to tell you much about it. But I do know it has quite a bit if “power”; as when the POTUS tweets, the stock market “moves”.

Also another one which is well known, maybe not many reading here uses it, is Tinder. And Yes I am on tinder. The thing about Tinder is the image it currently has. When Tinder is mentioned the most common thought that pops up in people’s minds would usually be romantic relationships or hook ups. I am on tinder for what I would say a less common reason. I am on Tinder to grow my network (not the romantic network), and I am serious about it. Some of those I have matched on tinder also read this web. (If I am lying about Tinder for just networking, snap a shot of the conversations or anything and call me out on it.)

Connect with Me!

I am always happy to connect with others and if possible help them link up with a “demand” or “supply” within my network. So if anyone of you would like to connect with me, drop me a message on Millionaire Visionaire’s Facebook page or drop me an email at Also please do give us a like on Millionaire Visionaire, so you will be notified whenever there is a new article or if there is an opportunity that may come up.


Thank you from joining me again today, See you all tomorrow!

Gideon Oi



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