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Sympathy VS Empathy

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Hello there! Welcome back to Millionaire Visionaire, it is day 15 of the 30 day challenge. Today, I would like to write about Sympathy and Empathy.

Sympathy and Empathy

Many people get confused with Sympathy and Empathy, for some they think it is the same thing. But it is actually very different between the two. However, understanding and exercising both sympathy and empathy is important.


Sympathy is the one which is practiced most of the time by most people instead of empathy. Sympathy is basically understanding what someone is going through or facing, through your own perspective. For example, most would like to think “what would I do it I were in his shoes? I would probably do it this way or that way.”


Empathy is different from sympathy because when we show empathy, we are no longer looking from our own perspective. For empathy we do not try to put ourselves in their shoes, but we try to understand them by including the circumstances which are affecting the person as well. For example, some people may be very emotionally sensitive while for yourself emotions may not affect you that much. By you practicing empathy, you would try to understand how the emotions would affect him/her and their decisions.

I have many times heard the phrase, “Put yourself in their shoes and then you will understand them.” However, I do not agree with the statement. Because of our personal limitations, the “shoes” may actually be a perfect fit for you. If we were to just use the shoes for an example, what if the scenario is just this? I have small feet, and in my current situation the shoes are two sizes bigger then what would fit me. The problems I am facing is the shoes are causing me to get blisters as I walk or run. Now by you putting yourself in my shoes, your feet may actually fit my oversized shoes perfectly. So to you their isn’t a problem of oversized shoes causing you blistered on your feet.

For me I try to practice empathy when I meet people. Even when I give my advise to others, I would try to understand what are the circumstances they may be in. However, I would also always end my advise with, “This is just my personal opinion, you do what you feel is best for you. Even if you do not take my advise, should things ‘screw up’, I will not say you should have listened to me.” I always say this or something along the same line because sometimes people do not share with you the whole truth, they could be ashamed of something within the facts that they do not reveal. And because of that we are not able fully put ourselves in their situation, another thing is that sometimes there are things and situations which we are not able to relate to, as we do not have experience in that area.

I just want to remind everyone reading that the whole article and my website is of my personal opinion, I do not take responsibility of your actions which may happen from reading my website. Even if it may be a success, it is your success not mine.

I would like to share the article The Power of Empathy, it is written by Dr. Eric Perry, PhD, author of Make It Ultra Psychology. Do check it out and follow his blog as well. It has been really insightful for myself.


P.S. The featured pictures of the blog post may be random , as I can’t think of images which may relate to the article. For example the caterpillar in the article Consistency is important, is a random image.

Thank you all for coming back to take a read on my website. See you all again tomorrow and I hope you have a good weekend.

Gideon Oi

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