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Worth Done Badly

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Hello and welcome back to Millionaire Visionaire. Today I am here to share something which would contradict Give your best, Never less! I came across this quote some time ago, and would like to share it with all of you.

“If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.”

― G.K. Chesterton

And it got me really confused when I first read it. It seems really paradoxical and doesn’t seem to make sense. However, as I read more about it, it started to make more sense to it.

Perfect Goal

We have been programmed to aim for perfection for so long, that sometimes it is the very thing that is limiting us. For example when I first started on Millionaire Visionaire, I had the domain name registered and the logo designed. What held me back for a very long time on not writing articles and sharing about Millionaire Visionaire, was because my website design was really crappy. It was no where near what it is currently, although I still have got lots to improve on this current web design. I wanted the “perfect” website design before I “launched” Millionaire Visionaire. If I were to have carried on waiting for the perfect web design, you definitely would not be here now. Millionaire Visionaire would still just be a dream of mine, and might have never been “launched” really.

Worth doing badly

For me, Millionaire Visionaire is something worth doing and it was done badly. But because of me doing it badly, here we are today on day 13 of the challenge. My articles for the 30 days challenge has been no where near perfect, but I am glad I started on the challenge. Simple tasks are also a good example, like taking a shower. Taking a shower cleans you up and that is definitely worth doing, it is better for you to have showered “badly” than to not shower at all. And that is what it actually means, when G.K. Chesterton said when something is worth doing, it is worth doing badly. It is better that we do something we feel is worth it badly, than to not do it at all.

Don’t use it as an excuse

Although things we believe in are worth doing badly, do not use it as excuse to do everything badly. We want to grow and be better than what we were before. If we just keep telling ourselves everything we do is worth doing badly, we might not aim to get things done proper or complete. We still need to aim for “perfection”, but when we get really really tired or just don’t feel like doing something. We need to remind ourselves that if it is something that we feel is worth it, it is worth to do it badly rather than to just “throw in the towel” and not accomplish anything about it.


As I am writing this article, I just realised how the quote has been affecting me in my subconscious mind. The way the quote has affected me, is from the daily articles I have been doing since I started on the blog challenge. I really feel Millionaire Visionaire is something that is worth doing for me, even though there aren’t many readers of my articles for now. But I know that you have been following this challenge and checking in on the daily articles that I have written, and that is what is keeping me going. Like I mentioned in my previous few articles, I have been so busy with work. My days have been so long and tiring that I felt like giving up on this blog challenge. I believe most of you would understand if I skipped a day or two along the way. But that isn’t the point of my 30 day blog challenge. This 30 day blog challenge isn’t only about me wanting to improve my writing skills. It is also me, making myself be disciplined to complete what I said I would do. To me it is a little bit of accountability as well.

Thank you all for joining me again today, and I hope to see you guys (and gals) again tomorrow.

Gideon Oi



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