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Taking things personally

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Hello there, and welcome back to Millionaire Visionaire! Today, I want to share some thoughts on taking things too personally.

I have always believed in not taking things too personally, and I try to practice it but I got to be honest and say I do fail many times. Many times emotions would get the better of me, and that is something I am working on as well.

Situation, not the person

If you were to get angry, be angry at the situation and not the person. It is really hard to do, but we got to learn that. It is the same when we are the receiving end of the anger. Understand that it is the situation and not take it personally.

If you think about it, when we get angry, it is something that is either “wrong” or the person did something “wrong”. It is the action that the person does and¬†usually¬†not the person’s character which is wrong. So shouldn’t we focus on the problem itself and not the person.

A Great Example

In my line of work, many mistakes happen. If we took things personally, everyone wouldn’t be right for the job.

In this industry, I have only met 1 person who really doesn’t take it personally. He is really an awesome guy. He is a Kiwi, so he is tall and built. He gets angry very easily, so imagine how you would feel when you are on the receiving end of it. A huge guy raging and it does freak me out. But the thing about him, is he never takes it personally. He rages and once we are done with the task, you look at him still scared of his rage and he just smiles and just laughs it off. It is always about the situation and never about the person. That is something which always happens with him, and that is what really sets him apart from so many others.


What I have seen from it is really to practice only being angry at the situation and never the person. As we never know what the other person may be going through as well. Once things are over, the anger and rage leaves with it and shouldn’t carry on.

This is just my thoughts for today’s (short) article for today. Thank you for reading today.

Please bear with me these few days with the short articles as I am really having hectic days in my day job and I am mentally tired.

Thank you once again for your continuous support.



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