Wed. Jul 8th, 2020

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We all have our own paces

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Hey everyone, welcome back! Today, I am gonna do a very short article on having our own paces.

Don’t compare

I had this problem some time ago, where I used to compare myself with my peers. I have friends who have hit their million by 25, Self-made millionaires. Just in their 20s and they own bungalows, 3 or 4 storey houses and here I am “going nowhere”.

Because of me comparing myself with others, my mind was always focused on how successful they are. And I was never focused on myself and my goals. If we really want to be successful, we have to focus on our own goals and not be distracted by others. That happened to me for so long, and I only realised it recently.

Our own paces

We all have our own paces, and we have to understand and accept that. I believe the reason behind the difference in our paces, is due to our experiences and connections. Life isn’t “fair”, we just got to be focused and work on ourselves.

I always focused on the success of others, but I never went further to understand the struggles and sacrifices that they had to go through.

For now, I am working on my discipline to reach my goals, and I am going to have to change my lifestyle and make some sacrifices. But with all the motivation I am getting from all of you, I AM definitely going to make it.

Thank you all once again, I know it is a really short article today. The reason behind this is cause I am actually still at work at the moment. I feel it isn’t really an excuse, as I have told you all I will do an article everyday. And that is me failing you guys. I truly apologise for that, and hope you guys would forgive me for this. See you all tomorrow!



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