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Millionaire Visionaire

Building the Millionaire Mindset

Goal of Millionaire Visionaire

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Hey all, welcome back to day 9. Today I am not really going to write an article. I am going to let you guys know more about Millionaire visionaire and the aim of it.

So most of you would probably know by now that I started Millionaire Visionaire and it is about my journey towards being a millionaire. Recently I spoke to a friend of mine, and he made me realise something which I had always emphasised on. My friend’s name is Charles, and I would consider him “accomplished”. I was talking to him about Millionaire Visionaire.

Truth Hurts

My aim of Millionaire Visionaire is to let others like myself, who are just “average people” know that it is possible to become a millionaire. That we do not have to be from a rich family to make it happen. Charles told me this, “How can you inspire others to become a millionaire, if you are not one yourself?”. That felt painful at first, like damn those words were sharp man. But it is true, the truth hurts. How can I tell all of you that it is possible to become a millionaire, if I am not one myself. There is nothing behind this but just my thoughts and words. After that he explained to me, really successful ones make their first million before 35. Achieving it after 35 doesn’t make it insignificant, but to make that “first million” shine brighter it has to be before you reach 35. To me, I felt intimidated at first. After I actually fully processed what he was saying, it made a whole lot of sense. Who am I to tell you then you can be a millionaire, if I have not reach my own first million.

The Driving Factor

I want to be a millionaire, but I have never had a specific timeline for it. To me it was hopefully I will reach there. What motivates me to reach my first million, is money obviously. But I do not want the money to be able to brag and say I made it in life. Through my past experiences and people I have met, I have realised that there are many others who have dream and goals. And some of them actually do have really good business ideas, the big thing that stops most of them is money. And when these friends of mine share these ideas with me, I always wished that I was rich so I could help them. I wish I was rich to be able to grow more businesses and create job for others who I know very well are skilled but they just aren’t academically inclined. This is what is driving me towards Millionaire Visionaire really.

The origin of the name

For those of you who aren’t aware, visionaire isn’t really a word. It is currently on Urban Dictionary. But it isn’t a proper word, the closest word to it is actually “Visionair” which is “an authoritative person who divines the future”. Truth be told, I didn’t realise there wasn’t a proper word called visionaire. I just thought it was a proper word which meant something along the line of “Visionary” and it rhymed with “Millionaire”. That is actually how¬† the name Millionaire Visionaire came about, so now you know the origins of the name.

My personal goal

So after that conversation with Charles, he gave me a challenge. Hit 1 million dollars before I turn 35, I accepted the challenge. I accepted the challenge because now my goal has become a “SMART” one.

SMART Goals are:

  • Specific = 1 Million Dollars
  • Measurable = We are measuring with currency.
  • Achievable = Definitely achievable
  • Realistic = It is realistic, as I know I am able to commit to changes in my lifestyle to make it happen
  • Timely = By the time I turn 35, which is 6 years time.


That is what a SMART goal is, and it is actually more likely to happen. Especially when we are are specific about it and have a timeline for it.


The reason why I have shared this goal with all of you today, it to be accountable to it. I am making this goal of mine public, to let all of you know I am serious about it. And I will work on myself to achieve this 1 Million by 35.

Along this journey of mine, I will continue to share my experiences and challenges along the way. I also hope to be able to share with you possible opportunities which may not be feasible for me, but hopefully would be something you may have been looking out for.

For those who feel they may have wasted their time on my “article” today. I would like to sincerely apologise. My aim of today’s post to to be as transparent as possible about myself and this journey on Millionaire Visionaire.

I hope to see all of you again tomorrow. And remember make your goals SMART ones!




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