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Learning from Failures

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Is failure really a bad thing? Maybe not, come find out why!

Hey all! Welcome back to to Millionaire Visionaire. Today is day 8 of the challenge and I am going to writing on learning from failures. I am going to write a little more about myself in this article.

Learning from failures

Many of my experiences in life has actually ended in failures. I don’t view it as “unlucky me” or anything like that really as I do not believe in luck. I think I should say I do not let “luck” run my life. I have a friend who seems to be running his life by luck through coin flipping. But that is only what is seen on the surface really, I will introduce you all to this friend of mine but that is an article for another day (I love you Bruce!).

There has been many times where I have jumped into doing something without a clue of actually knowing what to do. The thing I love about failure though, is the amount of things that you really learn from it. Often times when friends of mine ask for my opinion or advise on stuff, most of my advises would be from failures which I have experienced. It was through friends asking me for my opinion, that I realised how much I could add value to others (Understanding Your Value). Because of that my perspective on failures has changed.

I used to read up “briefly” on the successful people we see on the media, interested only to know their net worth and the industry they were from. Reading on their success story was all I was interested in then. Now however, I am no longer interested in their “Success story”. What catches my attention these days, are the journeys and struggles that people face in order to reach their version of “success”. When friends tell me about knowing someone who is “rich and successful”, I no longer want to know how successful they are. I want to know what they had to go through and sacrifice in order to be there.

The result of failure

The thing about failures, is it actually not a really big thing. What really matters is actually what we do after the failures. I have seen many who have failed and decided “this is it, no more next time”. I agree to the saying of “learning from our failures/mistakes”, what I do not agree to is giving up. It saddens me when the lesson that friends or family take away from a failure is to not try again. The only thing that is learned from it is “If I try, I will fail” so they do not try again.

We need to understand that if everything actually goes smoothly, we don’t really learn much. I don’t know if you would be able to relate to this, but when I had the school preliminary exams. I would choose a random answer from the 4 options given. Many people would advise to never leave an answer blank, as if you randomly chose an answer there might be a chance of you getting an extra mark. Now looking at it in retrospect, I totally do not agree with that ideology at all. By encouraging students to randomly choose an answer for a question they do not understand, we are actually telling them that it is not knowledge which is important but grades.

From failures, we need to pick out from the “debris” and analyse how and what went wrong. From there, we can tweak our methods and try again with a different approach. I learned from trading the market, that there isn’t really a “right method” to do stuff. why do I put it as “right method”, is because what works for you might not work for other and vice versa.

Simple analogy I would like to use is basketball, in order to do a slam dunk for a tall person would to “just jump”. But for me currently, “just jump” would probably only get me off the ground by maybe half a meter. Basketball hoops are about 3m in height, and I am only 160cm. I definitely would not be able to do a dunk by “just jumping”.

So to end off, I would like to tell you not to blindly follow someone else’s method and blame them when you fail. The thing is you need to do some tweaks to make it work for yourself. We all can learn from failures be it our own or the failures of others. But let’s be nice and not hope others around us fail, we want to be able to grow together.

Thank you for joining me once again, see you all again tomorrow!


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