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Never Stop Learning

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Never stop learning, always

Hello there! welcome back to day 5 of the blog challenge. Today I am going to do an article(short one) on my perspective on learning.

I personally believe in ever learning. Whether it may be relevant in your field of work or not. It is about gathering knowledge no matter how insignificant it may seem. Like I mentioned in the article Understanding Your Value, you may be able to value add to others with the knowledge you have obtained.


The thing about learning is there is actually a “paradox”. There is a saying, “the more you learn, the less you know”. This quote actually came about from Albert Einstein. His original quote is actually:

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.” -Albert Einstein

As you start to gather knowledge, you will realise how much more things you actually do not know about. Like for me when I mentioned about my 5 Minutes Interest, there was so much that I never knew before. As you go deeper into the topics of interest, you will see that there is so much more to it.


If you have the time now, join me on this experiment. I am doing this experiment as I am typing this now at 9.41pm. I am going to choose an random item and go through very briefly how I learn more from something simple. Okay, my cigarettes. (Yes, I do smoke. I know it is not good for me, and I don’t encourage you to pick it up. But yes this is me)

So the brand is from Indonesia, and it is called Gudang Garam Surya. What I know about it presently is, it is a clove cigarette from Indonesia. I just found out from the packaging it is manufactured in KEDIRI – Indonesia. I never knew of KEDIRI before this. Based on Wikipedia, Kediri is a city in East Java and is located near the Brantas River which is also a place I wasn’t aware of before. I just found out that the Brantas River is the Longest river in East Java, Indonesia. And I could keep going on with the new information that I find, until I feel I need a break. Just like that something new is added to the “database” in my mind. And it is now 9.53pm, that is 12 minutes I took to learn just little more. Might not seem like much at first, but if keep doing it often you will really gain a whole lot of knowledge. This just started with a pack of cigarettes.

Knowledge which are “irrelevant”

Sometimes the knowledge gained may not be useful to us for a very long time. There would definitely be some which you somehow never get to use, for example the difficult mathematical equation that you did in school. Not everybody would get the chance to use that again later in life. However, it good to be equipped with the knowledge/skills even if you do not need it for now.

“Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.”― Franz Kafka

For me how I manage to make use some of my “irrelevant” knowedge, is to just mention a little on it and it becomes a great topic to break the ice. Let me give you a simple example of myself. I could meet someone and they would ask, “So Gideon, what do you do” or “what are you interested it”. My response is a simple, “Oh I am a marine engineer and I work on superyachts” which would usually generate more interest from the other party, or I could also reply with ,”I am into ant keeping”. And these have helped me to break the ice in many conversations with people I have just met. It might differ from person to person, but this is how I make use of some “irrelevant” knowledge. Like honestly, how would ant keeping be relevant to most people.

Anyway, I feel this is just a really short article for today. I would like to apologise if you were expecting more from my articles. I do not write my articles and schedule their post in advance. I actually am doing this article after coming back from work, and settling the rest of my stuff. Some days are just really tiring, so I hope you forgive me for shortchanging you of your time.(Not sure if i got that last line right)

But thank you once again for the encouragement and shares. I really appreciate all this support given to me. I hope I do not let you guys down, See you again tomorrow!


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