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5 Minutes Interest

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How could "5 minutes interest" not be a bad thing and how can it benefit you? Come check this article out and see my perspective on it.

Hello and welcome back to my website!(I hope it sounds the same to you like it was in my head. Like a typical YouTube introduction)

So today’s topic is gonna be on “5 Minutes Interest”. I mentioned at the start of this blog challenge that I will do an article on it, so here we are.

What is this “5 Minutes Interest”?

I tried searching about the topic on google and realised that it apparently wasn’t a thing. Or maybe I just didn’t do the search properly. So I am going to assume is a Singapore thing. (Yes, if i get it wrong I am gonna be making and “ass” out of “u” but mostly “me”)

5 minutes interest is a term for people like myself who would be interested in something and then before you know it, be interested in something else. Hence , the “5 minutes” of interest. It actually has a negative connotation to it. It is used to say that someone would not pay much attention to the interest after a short while. So usually “5 minutes interest” people aren’t taken seriously, cause they don’t really commit to it.

Pros of 5 minutes interest

I am a huge supporter of “5 minutes interest”, my family knows it all too well. I don’t think they know my reason behind it though.(Mom, now you know my “excuse”) Yes, my mom reads my articles too, I told you my family was a very supportive one.

The reason why I really love and support the idea of “5 minutes interest” is because of what I am able to gain from them. I am someone who craves knowledge, I love to be able to gain new insight into stuff I never knew. To many people it would seem like it is irrelevant knowledge. I think otherwise, but I will touch on how I try to use these knowledge and make them relevant in another article tomorrow.

My 5 Minute interests

My journey through so many of these interests has taught me a lot along the way. Before I give you examples of some of them, I need you to understand that I am a little “hardcore”. When I get into new interests,I don’t aim for the entry level “equipment” but more of the mid range stuff. That way I would not be able to blame not liking something due to “lousy equipment”. Which usually isn’t good for the pocket cause its expenses on something which may not “stick”. So here are a few of these interests along the way. Some have stuck on and others were just lessons.


If you followed me from the start of the blog challenge, you would know by now that I unicycle. Took it up cause it was unusual and interesting. I get intrigued by the unusual stuff. So I got interested in taking up unicycling while I was in school. And I have been unicycling ever since. I have spend quite a bit of money on unicycles as I buy them from overseas. So this interest became a hobby.

Betta Splendens Keeping (Fighting Fish)

There was a period of time when I was into Betta Splendens. I used to keep the Plakats or Short tails. I really love the beauty of them. But to take it to the extremes, I couldn’t just keep them like what others would ordinarily do. I had to go beyond that and tried breeding them. It was an interesting process. I learned about how the eggs are fertilised. Apparently they are “squeezed” out of the female then then the male would fertilise them and bring them up to his bubble nest. And the eggs would just stick to the bubbles for days and finally they hatch into tiny little beansprout-looking spawns. But it was a whole lot of work. And due to a day which I missed a feeding timing the whole batch died. There was a point of time when I had 50 bettas at home. Normally others just keeps 1 or 2 at most. This interest became a lesson which lasted over a few months.

Ant Keeping

I started ant keeping early last year. I read about a group of ant keepers from Facebook and reached out to them. From there I learned how to catch a queen ant. They are usually those that fly around the lights after the rain. And they are usually either Queen ants or termites, or Male ants or termites. This was their nuptial flight where they would mate, and the queen would go off to find a spot for her nest. The males would just die off after a while. Through this hobby I learned that the ant colony was made up of females. These little creatures are so smart. They have a system in place. They have got their hierarchy. And they are really clean insects. The gatherers would consume food and store them in their “social stomachs” for the rest of the colony back home, once they got back they would start feed the rest of the colony through their mouths. There is even a “nursery group” that would take care of the eggs and larvae and make sure they are well fed. If there was dirt or bodies around, they would bring these rubbish to a dump site away from their colony. Also certain ants which knew they were dying would go off to a far away place from the nest to die, so as to not dirty the nest. These were some interesting stuff I learned along the way.  Unfortunately, a wild colony of ants came into their nest and slowly killed them all off. Maybe when I have a bit more time, I will try again.


This shall be the last example I share for today. I do keep some Netherland Dwarf rabbits. I currently have got 5 of them at home, 4 does and a buck. I started keeping them about 2 years back. I bought a pair of them. I don’t really encourage breeding them unless you are prepared for it. I wasn’t prepared for it and it was a pretty steep learning curve. So apparently, the pair that I got were already bred. So in just a few week the mother gave birth to 3 babies, but 1 of them didn’t make it. I started reading about breeding rabbits and found out that it was actually common for new born rabbits to die. It is really heartbreaking to see it happen actually. But through the process of raising them. What really intrigued me was how their natural survival instincts were so ingrained into them even though they have been domesticated for generations. I was very worried at first as the mother wasn’t “motherly” like how other animal mamas will be. I would not be able to catch sight of her nursing her young. As I read more about them, I found out that rabbit mamas do not stay with their young in nature. They would go nurse the kits (baby bunnies) for a few minutes and run off again to the forest. This is because rabbits are prey in nature, to avoid their kits being eaten up. They would leave them hidden and come back again every once in a while to feed them. This would also save the lives of the kits should the mom be eaten, though I am not too sure who will go feed the kits after she’s gone.  This was such an insightful thing for me to learn, rabbits are really smart creatures as well. I am planning to train my rabbits soon, cute little creatures.

Cons of 5 Minutes Interest

So those are a few of my 5 minute interests. But there are points of it which could be what I would consider Cons as well. I feel that for 5 minutes interest to benefit us, we have to really do our research. If we do not do our research, we wouldn’t really know what we are doing. We would also not learn from these “experiments”. Another con for me personally, is the amount of money I throw into these new adventures. It is money which I agree can be spent elsewhere.


So what exactly am I trying to say?

I would still continue to chase these 5 minutes interest even though I do see some expenses in it. The reason being that I get to learn and try so many new stuff. I would actually encourage you to go and try these little stuff which may interest you. For all we know that interest which seems so small and insignificant now, might turn into something you are really good at and maybe even make a business out of it. I know there are people setting up businesses in the ant keeping community, as there are currently more shop which are dedicated solely towards the ant keeping hobby.


Thank you for joining me again today! See you again tomorrow!







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