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Productive or just Busy?

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Are we really being productive, or are we just acting busy? Many of us like to keep ourselves busy cause it makes us productive. But there is a difference

Welcome back! Today I am gonna touch on the topic of productivity.

Most of us, especially when we are just starting on a project of our own, feel the need to be always working on it. There would be so many areas that we need to cover with so much to get done. For those like me who aren’t very organised in our planning. We would be jumping from task to task. But at the end of the day feel like nothing is done.

Have we been productive?

The question that we should ask ourselves is if we have really been productive in our task. Or have we been tricking ourselves into thinking we are productive just cause we were busy working on it. There is a difference in being busy and being productive. And many of us, including managerial roles, get these two mixed up pretty often.

We have somehow been programmed over the years to belief that we have to be busy all the time to mean that we are getting work done. When see someone busy working on their computer means they are being productive. That is not really what it is.

Busy or Productive

I had a boss who would always be expecting me to be working on something. Which seems to be okay right? He is the boss anyway so I should be working. However, the tasks that were needed to be done, were already completed and there wasn’t another project on at the moment. So then what was I supposed to actually do then? Was I supposed to pretend I was working or should I just been less efficient in my job. You have to understand something about me. That is if I don’t feel the task you are asking to do is making any sense to me, I wouldn’t do it. I am not saying it is the right thing to do, after all I am an employee. However, it made absolutely no sense to do random stuff just to give the impression I was being productive. Cause it was just tasks to keep me looking busy without really producing any “results”.

Just to be clear, I am not asking you to go against your managers. This is just an example of myself that I am using to help better understand what I mean.

How can we be more productive?

Our minds have a very interesting thing about it which I often try to take advantage of, and that is our subconscious. It is called a subconscious cause we aren’t full aware of it. It is like a background program that runs on your phone or computer. However, it does affect the way we behave and perform.

I have to be honest and admit that I procrastinate most of the time. But I am in the process of improving in that area. In order to reduce the likelihood of procrastination on myself, what I would do is to give myself deadlines. Deadlines work very well because I now have a specific time frame which I need to get it done by. Our brains somehow works a little better under some pressure. And the pressure of the deadline pushes me to complete my task.

Productivity tricks

There are many productivity tricks for us to use which are available online. One of them I would like to share would be this Ruthless Method. I practice a method like that just less ruthlessly.

For me, what I would do is to put in only 5 tasks to be completed for the day and prioritise them. I do not start on the 2nd or 3rd task until number 1 is completed. Of course there are changes at time when there is no way you are able to complete the task due to some technical difficulties or something like that. But I try to stick to the to do task as strictly as possible. It there are task which need immediate action. Complete the “emergency task” and continue on your to-do list again. This method really works for me. Else I would be doing a little of something and jumping to something else, and at the end of the day progress is made but nothing is really completed.

We don’t have to be “busy” all the time

If you have completed you tasks, you don’t have to immediately start working on something else. You can plan your next to-do list and then start working on it again if you want to, or just sit back and relax a little to enjoy your progress of the day. As time goes on we will be way more productive in the ways we perform and not just be acting busy with no visible progress

Thank you for joining me again today, I hope to see you again tomorrow!



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