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Understanding Your Value

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Most of us do not realise the value in ourselves. How can we change that?

Today’s topic is gonna be on understanding the value within ourselves.

So, What do I mean by that? Many people I know, myself included, do not see the value in ourselves. The value I am talking about today isn’t about the value of life. It is the skills and knowledge that we have, which could add value to the people around us.


Why do most of us not realise our own value?

Most of us do not realise the value that we “bring to the table”, because the knowledge or skill set might seem insignificant to ourselves. We feel that if we could easily have acquired the knowledge or skill, everyone else could easily acquire them as well. What we fail to take into account most of the time, is that these knowledge and skills could be acquired by everyone else easily, they have not. We focus to much on the part of “easily able to attain” instead of the “attained”. And that is actually what sets us apart from everyone else. It is like what most entrepreneurial social media accounts like to post about, which goes along the line of “There are two types of people. The ones who think about doing it, and the ones who actually do it.”

How do we start to realise our own value?

We are able to view of our value better when we understand what it is that set us apart from those around us. What knowledge or skills are we able to provide to help those around us with that they may not already have.

The value of something or somebody is perceived by the consumer

What do I mean by “the value of something/somebody is perceived by the consumer”? Just because we have started to understand the value that we may be able to “bring to the table” doesn’t mean that others would see and appreciate it as well.

Let me give you an example:
A person who appreciates fine cigars or wine, will see the value in it. However, one who does not, will only view it as expensive.

Another one that more people might relate to, is the value of art. I honestly haven’t really understood art. There are some art pieces or installations that I would be able to appreciate but would not be able to put a value to it. However, the consumer or the person buying the piece of art would be able to see the value in it.

The easiest example for art would be the “Onement VI” by New York artist Barnett Newman. Sorry I am not able to upload the picture here as I want to avoid infringing copyrights and all that stuff. But you can look it up on google and you will know what I mean. The piece seems to be just a blue background with a white line in the middle to a layman like myself. But what can I say? That’s art I guess.

How can we “bring out” our value?

So after understanding our value how can we really use it for our benefit if the perception of the “consumer” would also play a part? You have got to be confident with the value of which you now understand about yourself. You have to be confident that if someone tried to test you (of skill or knowledge), you would be able to back it up.

When people ask you about something, the way you respond to them plays a huge part. I only recently started to understand that the way I answer people when they asked what I did for a living matters a whole lot on the words I use, the tone, and the excitement in the replies. Let me try to give you an example, I am not too sure if I will be able to give you the tone that is in my mind right now.

What normally happen:
Random Stranger: What do you do you work as?
Me: Oh, I work as a marine engineer. Just fixing stuff on boats. Easy stuff, its just repairing like car mechanic but on boats

What I should do if I want to give a good perception of what I do:
Random Stranger: What do you work as?
Me: Ah! I am a marine engineer. I work on super yachts. You know those huge boat that the billionaires and millionaires own? Yeah I work on those yachts. I do a lot of servicing and overhauling of their engines and generators. It is really nice to work on them. You get to meet many of the crew from all parts of the world really.

If you were to be speaking to two people who gave you those answers, which one of them would interest you know. I personally feel that the second reply would spark more interest in wanting to know more about him/her.

The element of excitement in your response would make the listener excited in what other stuff you got to share. By doing that someone who might have been a little doubtful about you, might start to get interested in what other ways/areas you are able to value add to them.

We have to be aware of ourselves and the way we express ourselves as that plays a big role in the perception others would have of you. However, there will always be some “haters” around who would never appreciate you value. So do not let these negativity affect us too much, the only way we should let it affect us is if we feel there are areas we are able to improve ourselves.

How do we put all these together then?

To summarise the whole wordy post for you, it is just really two parts. Firstly, understand what you can provide for others, then express yourself in a way which would let the potential “consumer” see the value in you as well. We have to keep in mind that what we want is to understand our value and let others see it as well, and not be overconfident and over-evaluate ourselves turning us into showoffs.


Thank you for joining me again today on this journey! See you guys tomorrow!



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