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Millionaire Visionaire

Building the Millionaire Mindset

30 Day blog Challenge

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Join me on my 30 blog challenge, as I take on this challenge to improve myself and hopefully inspire you as well

Hi there!

I have challenged myself to a 30 day blog challenge. So, I will be writing an article every day, for the next 30 days. To start off this blog challenge I have decided to introduce and share a little more about myself, and hopefully be able to let you better understand who I am and why I do the things I do.

Who am I

Most of you here, would probably not know who I am. My name is Gideon Oi, I am 29 this year, and I am from Singapore. Most of my friends just call me Giddy.

How Millionaire Visionaire Came about

I started Millionaire Visionaire about a year ago, but haven’t been putting in much efforts into it due to work commitments. I work as a marine engineer for my day job and have a few side hustles going on at the same time.

Millionaire Visionaire was started with the intention of sharing my journey and experiences with others. I come from an average income family and I really feel that I am so fortunate to have them. They have always been supportive of the “crazy ideas” which I would be interested in even though they know most of the interests I may be pursuing would only last for awhile. The thing about me and pursuing these “5 minute interests”, is that I would invest quite a bit of time and efforts into these interests. Sometimes I would have to invest money into it as well. Most people would deem it as a waste of time and money, but I disagree with that view of theirs. I will further elaborate on the topic of “5 Minutes Interests” during this blog challenge.

Hobbies of mine

Through the times of pursuing 5 minute interests, some of them managed to stick and have become some of my hobbies. One of my longest hobbies would be Unicycling. Not something very common around the world. I picked up unicycling when I was 16, so that is about 13 years now. But it looks more difficult to pick it up that it actually is. Like most skills, practice is all we need.

Another activity that I love is Scuba Diving. I picked it up just a few years ago with the intention actually of supporting a friend’s business. I feel in love with diving because of the peace I feel when I am just hovering in the water. The rest of the world and its worries just disappear. I would just be able to hear the sounds of the sea creatures, and the occasional quacking from my friend whenever I drifted off too far. He is a very dear friend of mine and operates in Amed, Bali. If you guys are interested in diving or to try it out, please do check out my friend’s dive center. It is called Dive Culture, and you would be able to look them up on Facebook and Instagram.

One more interest of mine and a pretty unusual one, is the interest in keeping ants. I currently do not have any more colonies of ants at the moment. But I do wish to go back into keep ants again soon. The thing about ants that intrigues me the most, is their way of life. It would seem as though they were born with the knowledge and skills to do their jobs. Be it attending to the queen or eggs, to the task of foraging. the moment they spawn from their “shells” they would go carry out their task. A fun fact for you: Ant colonies are all females. (I may be wrong, but most if not all colonies are females) And for those wondering, I used to keep the Polyrhachis and the Odontomachus. You can google them up to know more about them.

That’s pretty much the few interests or hobbies that are active at the moment. Randomly, I would edit Wikipedia articles as well just to broaden my knowledge by picking random articles to edit.

If you are still here reading, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your time and interest in this blog of mine. It is still a work in progress, but I promise to put in more effort in polishing up this website for all of you.

Aim of Millionaire Visionaire

My aim of Millionaire Visionaire is to really gather like-minded people who want to push themselves further, who are always hungry for knowledge like I am and do not really believe in settling for mediocre. Millionaire Visionaire isn’t about tell you guys that I am such a success or stuff like that. Millionaire Visionaire is my journey that I would like to share with all of you, to let you guys know that I am just an average guy just like everyone else. And it is possible to “level up” ourselves and break the status quo. I would like to work together with you guys if you are willing to come on board with me. If any of you are interested, just drop me an email at:

We can give each other some motivation through these collaborations.

Anyway, I decided to start on this blog challenge to challenge myself and improve my article writing skills. What I would like to achieve at the end of this challenge, is that I will be more comfortable in writing articles and be more consistent in it. For this first one for the month, it seems a little wordy. I hope to be able to improve on my formatting to give you guys are better article to read. During this blog challenge, I would like to add more experiences of my own as examples for you to understand why I have certain perspectives.

Thank you for you time and effort in reading my humble blog. If you have any feedback or feel there are certain stuff which I may be wrong and needs correcting, please do let me know as I would like to improve from my mistakes and hopefully not repeat them again. Drop me your feedback at:

Hope to see you again tomorrow!


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